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I've created a mailing list where I'll post update notifications for any of my components or programs. It's not for discussion, so you will only receive very few mails of this list.

All my components and programs are freeware, or to be more exact postcardware, that means you're free to use them as you like, and if you like them you can send me a nice picture postcard of your hometown. To all those who already send me one (or even gifts) a big thanks.

If you have any problems downloading the files you can also find them on the Delphi sites listed below.

My programs

One of the demo application those TCP/IP components is an automatic Dilbert and Peanuts downloader, which gets all the strips located in the Dilbert Archive or Peanuts Archive respectively which you don't already have (to be correct all the other comic strips located at United Media are also implemented). But don't forget the comic strip are copyrighted.

The program is freeware, and the sources are included in the tcpip package (with one small exception, the command line interface is left out as it contains some company internal code); there's a Windows GUI version as well as a command line version (for batched use...), both for Windows '95 or NT, all in an about 200k zip archive.

And then there's the Moontool clone created with the moon component, an 900k zip archive which contains a full setup and the online help. The source code is in the Moon package.

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