Astronaut with MMU


I've collected a lot of data about human space flight into a database, currently made with Paradox and with a Windows front end made with Delphi. Though the program is far from being finished it already produces quite nice statistics, which I've put on a separate page; if your Browser does't have frames you'd better try the frame-less version.

Launch of STS-90 I was in Florida around Easter '98 (photo album) and had the luck to watch the launch of STS 90 (Neurolab). Even though Titusville is about 20 kilometers away from the launch pad it was a fascinating view as well as sound. The image to the left was taken with a plain camera without any zoom, at the bottom right of the full scale imager you can see the VAB.

There are a lot of web sites featuring spaceflight, so I try to link here to those which I find interesting, if you know a web site which you think should be featured here please let me know. Any flag at the link warn you of non-english sites...


I'm also very interested in astronomy, so I also collect some links to interesting site featuring astronomy here.

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